This is the central page for all my posts to do with building decks. Specific article series which fall under this umbrella are Decks, Deck Spring Cleaning, and Archetype Analysis.


This one is simple, it’s just all the decks I’ve chosen to share on the blog immediately after building them because I felt they were particularly interesting for one reason or another.

Deck: Hasten the Ents
Deck: The Charge of Harrowdale
Deck: To Live and Die and Live in Middle Earth
Christmas Deckbuilding
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stargazer and the Miners from Moria
Deck(s): The Ring of Fire Sails to Gondor
Deck: Dwarves and Eagles and Bears, Oh My!
Decks: The Wisdom and Spirit of the Istari
Deck: The Valour of Numenor
Deck: The Forest Devours
Deck: Gloin’s Attachment Emporium
Deck: Middle Earth Signal Corps
Deck: We are such stuff as dreams are made on
Decks: The House of Stewards
Deck: Great Cleavage
Deck: Orcs Tumble into my Traps
Deck: A Very Literal ‘Wood Elf’
Deck: It’s an Eagle! It’s Vingilot! No, it’s Super-Eowyn!
Deck: Scouts Summoning Rangers
Deck: Expedient Alliances
Deck: I Brought Enough Sword-thain for Everyone
Fellowship: Mount Up
Fellowship: Mount Up [3-player version]
Deck: The Corsair Maiden Glories in Death
Deck: The Invisible Army
Decks: Hero’s Fall
Deck: Keener Sight than Lesser Men
Deck: Brave Warriors
Deck: Recalled Glory
Deck: ‘Tis but a scratch!
Decks: Heroes/Allies Stand Ready
Deck: Master Manipulator
Deck: Speed Greater Than Any Wind
Deck: Paths Little Known and Seldom Trodden
Deck: Unless the King should come again
Deck: Last and Proudest
Deck – Galdor’s Fall
Deck: Willpower is Overrated
Deck: Beregond’s Gondorian Armoury – Everything Free!
Deck: Incánus in the South
Deck: The Valour of Durin’s Folk
Deck: The Wizards’ Champions
Deck – the Elves Must Take Action
Deck: A Regular Bears’ Meeting
Deck: Treebeard, Master of Social Distancing
Deck: Stride is Long and Breath is Deep
Deck: Dwarves Make Light of Burdens

All my decks can of course be found on RingsDB.

Deck Spring Cleaning

This began with me wanting to tidy up my many folders of decks, deciding which ones to keep/update and which to delete. I went through one folder per post until I was done. Since finishing I’ve repurposed the series into focusing on the process of updating decks (both the older ones from the folders I was tidying up initially, and also other decks I’ve built since and may well have posted on the blog).

Deck Spring Cleaning: Fix (Also includes the explanation of the folders)
Deck Spring Cleaning: Gimmick
Deck Spring Cleaning: First Age
Deck Spring Cleaning: Template
Deck Spring Cleaning: Viable

Deck Spring Cleaning – Actions
Deck Spring Cleaning: AraBalTheo & AraBeoGlor
Deck Spring Cleaning: 8/15 – 4/16, Part 1
Deck Spring Cleaning: 8/15 – 4/16 Part 2

Archetype Analysis

Archetype analysis is a series with a rather self-explanatory name – in which I pick a particular deck archetype and analyse what makes it tick. Strengths, weaknesses, key cards, defining mechanics and so on, and round it all out by building one or more decks to show off what you can do with archetype. This includes archetypes based around traits (the most obvious), but also archetypes based around particular game mechanics and indeed particular playstyles.

Archetype Analysis – Dwarves
Archetype Analysis – Superhero
Archetype Analysis – Location Control
Archetype Analysis: Silvan
Archetype Analysis: Dunedain

Miscellaneous Deckbuilding Posts

More miscellaneous posts which still fall under the heading of deckbuilding.

In the mind of a Deck-builder – Fast building
Which is the most essential sphere?
How do the spheres combine?
Know Your Limits (On working with limited card pools)
The Questions of Deck Testing