After finally developing an interest in the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game several years after being first exposed to it, I went into full borderline-obsessive mode and produced a large number of opinions which I thought I could dole out to the internet.

My first big project that I want to do is essentially my pale imitation of the well-known Progression Series – playing through each scenario in turn using only cards which were available at the time the scenario was released. I realise this could be seen as superfluous since the Progression Series already exists, but having been exposed to the idea I knew I wanted to do it myself, and then figured well, if I’m going to do it anyway, why not record it and write blogs.

I’m also a big fan of variety in games, so in LotR I love trying to use all kinds of different decks, using some of the less-used heroes and other cards, and at some point I definitely want to maybe write some decent articles on those, hopefully they materialise and hopefully some people find a modicum of interest in what I have to say.

I say it specifically on somem of the other pages, but in general, if there’s any subject that you’d like to see me write something about (preferably to do with this game :P) then please suggest it.


Why ‘Warden of Arnor’?

I wanted definitely to associate with one of my favourite elements of Lord of the Rings, which pretty much meant either Istari or Dunedain, and the Istari are much less represented in the card pool. While the card Warden of Arnor is not perhaps the most popular – it’s certainly not as good as I thought it was when I originally saw it and thought it was literally Thalin for locations, missing that it only affected the first location revealed – I’m still somewhat fond of it, and frankly, it sounds good as a title. For some reason, I’ve always had a particular interest in the kingdom of Arnor as well – maybe it’s the whole mystery of the lost realm reduced to ruins and wilderness, maybe it’s Aragorn’s professed liking for it, maybe it’s the association with the slightly mystical feeling of Numenor (I know Gondor comes from Numenorean stock as well, but they always gave the impression more of a normal people with deep roots rather than an ancient people still lingering on). Probably a bit of all three.

In addition to this blog, you can also find my Lord of the Rings stuff in the following places:
RingsDB decks
RingsDB card reviews
You may also see me on the FFG Forums, in the CotR Discord or on OCTGN under the name PocketWraith. Feel free to say hi, and maybe ask me to join you for a game if I’m not busy!

3 Responses to About

  1. It’s great to have another blog joining the community with a unique voice and perspective. Great name and I look forward to following your work!


  2. urukhello says:

    Really great work!! Do you have a direct message contact method here on the blogpage, or do you check the FFG PM’s?


    • Steven A says:

      Well, I check the FFG forums fairly regularly, so I should see if anyone messages me on there. To be honest, when I started this I wasn’t sure people would be interested enough to want to contact me, but maybe that’s something I should see about adding to the site when I’ve got a minute.


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