The Line Unbroken – 45: Deadmen’s Dike

If The Weather Hills kind of set some of the tone for the first half of the cycle with wandering through a dangerous wilderness, then Deadmen’s Dike does a similar thing for the second half by throwing a swarm of undead at us, not to mention introducing us to big frustrating boss enemy Thaurdir. Theme-wise, I prefer the latter, though mechanically my preferences are more variable. Preferences aside, Deadmen’s Dike is certainly an interesting quest, and the most difficult quest in the box. Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – 44: The Weather Hills

The second quest in The Lost Realm in some ways sets the tone for the first half of the upcoming cycle (2 of the first 3 quests, anyway) by having us wandering through a dangerous wilderness, in this case searching for the orcs we’ve pursued from the first quest. The quest puts a bit of a different twist on the experience of exploring locations and fighting orcs with the Orc deck, which is somewhat akin to the Underworld deck back in The Steward’s Fear, except the cards are drawn from it when the locations are explored rather than being put under the locations in advance as they enter play. Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – 43: Intruders in Chetwood

Jumping back out of Nightmare mode and into standard again we come to The Lost Realm. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I really like the Dunedain, so obviously I was very excited when this box was released. I’m still very fond of it. This to me is the point at which the game really hit a high level of quality, both in terms of quest design and player card design, which has continued to the present day in my opinion. So I’m very excited to have reached this point in The Line Unbroken. Continue reading

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Deckbuilding Challenges: No Attachments/All Attachments

A little while back I asked both on the Warden of Arnor facebook page and on the FFG forums for people to suggest some deckbuilding challenges I could attempt. I’m now about to attempt the first couple of the challenges I was suggested. In this post I’ll talk through my deckbuilding process and then I’ll be doing a livestream of the actual gameplay. After the livestream I’ll stick the VOD on youtube and link it below instead of the link to my twitch page.

First let’s introduce the two challenges I’m doing here. The first challenge, suggested by Alex P, was to build a deck with the hero lineup of Gandalf, Tactics Boromir and Spirit Glorfindel, using no attachments. Since this means no Light of Valinor or Asfaloth for Glorfindel, no Gondorian Shield, Gondorian Fire/Blood of Numenor or any other combat attachments for Boromir, and no Wizard Pipe or Staff for Gandalf, it poses a not insignificant challenge to put together a workable deck.
The second challenge I’m doing was suggested by Sappidus, and was the exact opposite – a deck composed of nothing but attachments. To cement the contrast between the two challenges I’ve decided to use the same hero lineup for this one as well. While Gandalf, Boromir and Glorfindel do rather expect to have certain attachments included for their use, having nothing else at all is still a somewhat problematic proposition. It’s very interesting. Continue reading

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Deck: Keener Sight than Lesser Men

This deck is another one I was inspired to build after writing a card review, but in this case it took me rather longer to get the deck figured out to my satisfaction. The card in question this time is the Palantir. Powerful scrying, potentially powerful card draw as well, at a cost of threat though. It’s a card which I’ve always wanted to build a decent deck around given the interesting risk/reward dynamic of it, and even more so given that a lot of people just unjustly reject it out of hand. It must be admitted though, it is difficult to make it work properly, which is why this deck has ended up taking a few months since the review to actually get to a point where I’m happy with it. Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – Nightmare Shadows of Mirkwood Wrap-Up

I’ve reached the end of the first cycle of Nightmare quests, and just as with standard mode, it’s now time for something of a wrap-up post. Of course some aspects will be different as Nightmare gives no player card aspect to consider except that of what player cards I chose to use against them. There’s also of course the additional element in considering the quests of how the shift to Nightmare altered the quest. Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – N9: Nightmare Return to Mirkwood

Return to Mirkwood was of course the hardest quest of the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle by a large margin, so the Nightmare version was much anticipated by anyone who (like me) appreciates a challenge. Of course it also had some of that iffy design which tended to plague early quests so I’m still not hugely enamoured of it. On the other hand it’s a massive step up from the last three quests. Continue reading

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