Deck Spring Cleaning: Template

For a while now I’ve been putting off moving a bunch of new decks I built on RingsDB from my downloads into my actual deck folders, because the deck folders are cluttered with a bunch of old decks of varying provenance. As such I really need to get moving on this Deck Spring Cleaning so I can tidy up those folders and get the new decks put in (and possibly refine those old decks that are worth holding onto). And then maybe when I’m considering what deck(s) to bring to a game I can just look in those folders rather than consulting RingsDB and then having to figure out which folder the relevant deck is in or if I even have the latest version downloaded.

So here I’m looking at my ‘Template’ folder. The idea of this was a place to put decks which weren’t finished while I was still working on them and also to put just collections of related cards so if I was building a deck on a certain theme I could just load that up to have an idea of all the cards I should be looking at. A reasonable idea at the time, but now that I do my deckbuilding on RingsDB the first use is superfluous, while the second can generally be replaced by a few card searches, especially since Hall of Beorn has the ‘category’ option for searches. As such, this folder is probably going to be ditched entirely once I’m done going through it, and the only question is whether any of the decks in here are worth holding onto and trying to finish. Let’s see.

5pipeeagles – Based around the idea of trying to have as many Pipes in play as I possibly could, that being 5. Getting the second Wizard Pipe obviously meant Radagast, which pushed me towards Eagles so I’d have something to do with his resources, but that means Tactics whereas Pipes push me towards Spirit so it would probably be difficult to cut the deck down to a sensible size. All the same, it’s an amusing gimmick, so I might consider revisiting it just to see if it is possible, or if I’d be better off just waiting for the release of the Dwarf Pipe in the next cycle.
Verdict: Tweak to see if it works, if so move to Gimmick, if not abandon and wait for Dwarf Pipe.

Actions – This one is actually a decent (and finished) deck although it could possibly use some refining and an update with some more modern cards. Built around just getting lots of extra actions. Aragorn (Ld)/Theodred/Galadriel. So the classic Aragorn/Theodred combo gets Aragorn an extra action, Galadriel gets extra actions out of the allies, then Naith Guides, Unexpected Courage, Heir of Mardil, Spare Hood and Cloak, Grim Resolve, and Desperate Alliance/Strength of Arms. A bit gimmicky but this is one I’d like to keep.
Verdict: Keep, move to Gimmick.

Anti-Ithilien – A selection of cards I thought would be useful for attempting to beat Into Ithilien, back when that was the quest which concerned me the most in all the game. Now it really doesn’t bother me so much, so this is redundant.
Verdict: Delete.

BearDwarf – Thorin/Oin/Beorn. Maybe the idea was to use Beorn as an early-game combat solution until the Dwarves came online? I honestly have no idea and don’t have the tie to spend figuring it out.
Verdict: Delete.

Dalfhere – This one I’ve actually posted on the blog under the name The Charge of Harrowdale. I was never 100% satisfied with it which is why it’s in this folder, but really it should be in gimmick. Or rather, the updated version should be in gimmick.
Verdict: Move to gimmick, replace with version 2.0 from RingsDB.

DunedainLocation – The idea was to use Heir of Valandil to get cheap Northern Trackers for powerful location control. Aragorn (Ld)/Idraen/Glorfindel (Sp). Never worked exactly as intended, because with Steward in the mix I could play the Trackers without needing the cost reduction, though that still worked for the end of location control obviously. Ring of Barahir meant I could still get access to Lore location control effects (Asfaloth) and Forest Snares to make Heir of Valandil work better. An interesting idea which might be worth revisiting.
Verdict: Stick on RingsDB and play around with the idea.

Dwarflor – Having successfully built a mono-Leadership Dwarf deck I wondered if a Mono-Lore one would also be viable. I think it works pretty well, though it’s more a support deck rather than a questing or combat powerhouse. That said, support can be potent.
Verdict: Keep, update.

ErestorSong – I wanted to play around with Songs and Love of Tales without going into complete game-breaking territory. This was before the Love of Tales errata of course. Not something I have any intention of revisiting.
Verdict: Delete.

Faramab – From when Leadership Faramir was new, pairing him with Mablung (because they go really well together), third hero Beregond, I guess going for a general Gondor thing. A decent idea which I never finished putting together and I don’t know if I’m likely to find the time to revisit it.
Verdict: Delete.

FreeDrop – From early in the Angmar Awakened cycle, playing around with ways of getting in allies for cheap or free. So Elrond/Vilya, Heir of Valandil and Curious Brandybucks were the main things. Halbarad/Merry (Sp)/Elrond. Actually a decent deck which I even considered posting on the blog, so I’ll hold on to it.
Verdict: Keep.

Gondor – All the Gondor cards for deckbuilding reference. Superfluous in light of useful card searches.
Verdict: Delete.

Hobbit Quad – A general template for the 4 thematic Battle of Five Armies decks I built wanting to run them through all the Hobbit box quests. Since I actually completed those decks, I definitely don’t need this any more.
Verdict: Delete.

Horses – Wanting to get maximum Mount attachments into play. An interesting idea, but could be done much better now (apart from anything else, I could add Elfhelm).
Verdict: Delete.

NegateStage – The basis of a deck focused pretty much entirely on negating threat in the staging area. Saruman, Mirkwood Pioneer, Ithilien Tracker, Ranger Spikes, Secret Paths, Radagast’s Cunning, Gildor’s Counsel. A nice idea so I may well revisit this one.
Verdict: RingsDB, work on finishing this one.

Noldor idea – This is another finished deck which shouldn’t really be in this folder any more because it works fine. I’ve actually posted it to RingsDB under the name The Wisdom of Rivendell.
Verdict: Keep.

Quad Aragorn – Trying to make Aragorn a quad-sphere hero following the release of Tactics Aragorn. The problem with going quad-sphere is that you rapidly run out of deck-space. Also this could be done more easily now with Roheryn so I wouldn’t have to start from Tactics.
Verdict: Delete, consider making a new one.

Ready Rangers – Leadership Aragorn can ready for a resource. Idraen readies by exploring the active location. Beravor gets Wingfoot. Not an awful idea but not an overly compelling one either, and for a starting threat of 33 it doesn’t have much of a way to deal with all the enemies it’ll be engaging.
Verdict: Delete.

Rohan – All the Rohan cards. I intended based on this and the Gondor list to try and build a fellowship around Mutual Accord, but this is superfluous now for the same reasons as the Gondor one.
Verdict: Delete.

Scry – All the scrying effects which existed at the time. And once again, redundant in light of card searches.
Verdict: Delete.

Songs – The bare bones of a Song/Love of Tales deck, but I never got any further and I’m not going to bother now.
Verdict: Delete.

Staging Area Selection – Selection of cards which mess with the staging area, either through threat mitigation, direct damage, or attack. Once again, redundant.
Verdict: Delete.

Theoden/Theoden1/Theoden2 – Attempts to make Tactics Theoden useful back in the day. The numbered ones are the decks I used for the Anti-Coaster Challenge, so I’m keeping those, whereas the unnumbered one was intended more as a solo deck and not that good a one.
Verdict: Delete unnumbered, keep the other two for posterity at least.

TheoGal – I had the idea of pairing Spirit Theoden with Galadriel, but couldn’t decide on a third hero, so put together this template with a few different options in it. Might want to consider revisiting this to try at least a couple of the possibilities.
Verdict: Consider further.

TheTheGri – Theoden (Sp)/Theodred/Grima. So that’s 2 lots of cost reduction and Theodred’s floating resource every round. The issue is deciding what to put in, especially since Rohan is really not represented in the Lore sphere, so if I’m going all out Rohan to suit Theoden then Grima won’t be particularly useful for playing cards, just his ability. It was an interesting thought but difficult to make work and not something I’m overly enthusiastic about.
Verdict: Delete.

Tri-Gondor – An attempt at a tri-sphere Gondor deck. Didn’t really work that well, not a particularly interesting idea.
Verdict: Delete.

Triple Elves – This was the template for a set of three decks built around Elrond and his two sons. I completed the decks, and then decided in a previous instalment of Deck Spring Cleaning to delete them, so I really don’t need this any more.
Verdict: Delete.

Woodbear – Beorn/Thalin/Haldir. I definitely had something in mind with this but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Which is a shame, because I also feel distinctly that it was an idea I was quite keen on when I could remember what it was. I might take a more careful look to try and divine my past thoughts and then rebuild the deck from scratch in a better form, but if I can’t figure it out then I’ll just have to give up on it.
Verdict: Consider, but probably delete.

Alright. That’s one more folder dealt with, only one more to go (My Secrecy folder has been dumped already without me writing about it. None of the decks were that good). On the other hand, the one I still have left is the big one. Still, progress is progress!

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