Fellowship: Mount Up [3-player version]

Well, I said when I initially posted my Theoden(T)/Elfhelm/mounts fellowship that I could probably turn it from a 2-deck fellowship into a 3-deck fellowship with the addition of a Lore deck to provide healing, some additional draw, more copies of Songs and Love of Tales. I have done just that.

It’s possible I could improve it even further by tweaking the decks to better suit the 3-player setup rather than just slotting in an additional deck, but I think it’s pretty fine as is, and I think they would be fairly minor tweaks if I did go for any. The one tweak I think I may make on a consistent basis is removing the two copies of Parting Gifts from the Leadership/Spirit deck as I think they’re most of the time going to be either unnecessary or not hugely useful. On the other hand, draw is pretty good (better with the Lore deck in the mix) and there’s still potential for them to work out.

The thing is, as I realised once I started putting more thought into it, it’s more than just Love of Tales fitting very nicely into the setup and healing being useful. The original fellowship already included Forth Eorlingas!, so having a mono-Lore deck which can play Advance Warning is an excellent fit, and Arrows from the Trees also slots in very nicely, where the mono-Tactics deck that gets Steward of Gondor may well be able to afford the secondary effect. From there, a lot of the deck pretty much built itself. One of the hardest parts was picking the heroes, because the idea of the deck was more grounded in those cards I just mentioned rather than any hero abilities. I eventually fixed on Argalad (because he’s new and I like him, and also his ability can supplement the damage from Arrows from the Trees/Forth Eorlingas), Aragorn (to help counteract the extra threat from Deep Knowledge and give more chance to get below engagement costs) and Pippin (to raise engagement costs). Other heroes could easily fit in similarly well though (obviously some slight tweaks would be required to accommodate losing Aragorn or Pippin).

Reminder, here is the two deck version of the fellowship:

And here’s the third deck I’m adding in:

Love of Horsetales

Aragorn (Lo)
Pippin (Lo)

Allies (11):
Galadhrim Minstrel x3
Master of the Forge x3
Warden of Healing x3
Mablung x1
Quickbeam x1

Attachments (19):
Love of Tales x3
Sword that was Broken x3
Unexpected Courage x3
Song of Kings x3
Song of Travel x3
Celebrian’s Stone x1
Roheryn x1
Asfaloth x1
Hobbit Pony x1

Events (20):
Advance Warning x3
Arrows from the Trees x3
Daeron’s Runes x3
Deep Knowledge x3
Mithrandir’s Advice x3
Desperate Alliance x3
A Good Harvest x2

Westfold Horse-breeder
Scroll of Isildur
The Evening Star
A Test of Will

Decklist on RingsDB

Full Fellowship: Mount Up [3-player version]

The sideboard is pretty self-explanatory I think. For the regular deck, obviously Master of the Forge is pretty key, though the regular draw is also pretty solid. In the 3-deck version of the fellowship, this deck should start as first player in order to play Love of Tales before the first Song is played and get full use of it. Beyond that, of course finding a Song of Travel for Theoden is still a priority. This deck can reach the point where it quests pretty well, and Aragorn can become a fairly credible defender with a Leadership icon from Song or Sword and a mount (probably Armoured Destrier) for the Elfhelm bonus, but in general it’s just designed for support. Draw fast, get everything out fast, drop threats back down and keep everyone alive. Occasionally make big plays with Advance Warning/Arrows from the Trees/Forth Eorlingas! I tested the 3-deck version of the fellowship against Breaking of the Fellowship and beat it quite handily, though it took a while, partly because of some weird draws leading to my attack power being slower to appear than expected – though then I did get to stick a Dunedain Cache on Eowyn, trigger her ability and play Hour of Wrath so she could kill 5 enemies in a single combat phase. While my other draws were a bit weird, I was lucky in managing to get all 3 copies of Love of Tales in the first round, however I then found myself stacking up unnecessary resources for a lot of the game, so I think the fellowship will still function alright without that bit of ridiculous luck.
Other possibilities for this deck are numerous. Beravor or Bilbo could be subbed in as heroes for some more card draw (Bilbo would also get an extra +1 to engagement costs out of Pippin). Gleowine would also give a bit more draw. Ghan-buri-Ghan is strong enough that it’s hard not to include him (like Quickbeam and Mablung), but I was a bit tight on space. That’s all that really springs to mind.
I hope you guys like this deck as an addition to the fellowship. I think it works in both 2-player and 3-player forms and works out pretty damn fun!

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One Response to Fellowship: Mount Up [3-player version]

  1. Qwaz says:

    It certainly worked well in the testing. I can see this getting even better as the odd card gets released that boost you in some way “for having a mount attached”. Imagine…

    “Cost 0: Wealth of Rohan: Add a resource to each hero with a Mount attachement”


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