Deck: The Corsair Maiden Glories in Death

When Storm on Cobas Haven came out I think a lot of people immediately jumped into considering what would be the best way to make good use of Na’asiyah’s ability. That is, other than the obvious option of sticking Steward of Gondor on her. This deck was my take on that thought, and it conveniently lined up with what seems to have recently become a small crusade for me of advocating for the post-errata Horn of Gondor. Handily, since everyone thinks Horn is bad now, it’s unlikely to be a uniqueness clash the way Steward is and can thus be used to fuel Na’asiyah. Plus it gave me that cool deck title.

So having fixed on the Horn of Gondor as a source of additional resources, that means I need allies that can be chumps. So cheap allies, and ideally I don’t want to be spending Na’asiyah’s resources. Not that I can spend her resources on allies. Other means of getting her more resources could also be useful as a backup. Of course since the plan involves chumping a lot, I will be using Na’asiyah as an attacker, not a defender.
My solution to the “Can’t spend Na’asiyah’s resources” problem is to bring in Elrond as one of my heroes, since that way he can pay for the Tactics allies, and for that matter the Leadership allies if need be, because despite not using Steward I’m still bringing Leadership for Errand-riders and the classic chumps in Snowbourn Scout and Squire of the Citadel. Specifically I’m bringing Leadership Denethor, though swapping him out for a different Leadership hero could be reasonable enough. On the other hand, he’s a decent backup defender if I want someone who’ll live, and he gets me that fast start and can shift some resources around. Having multiple ways to shift resources around and nothing even remotely expensive in the deck other than Gandalf means this deck can probably in addition to powering up Na’asiyah also spread the wealth to other players a bit and thus work as support. It has little willpower, but it does have some.

The Corsair Maiden Glories in Death

Denethor (Ld)

Allies (26):
Errand-rider x3
Snowbourn Scout x3
Squire of the Citadel x3
Galadhrim Minstrel x3
Gondorian Spearman x3
Vassal of the Windlord x3
Envoy of Pelargir x3
Gandalf (Core) x2
Warden of Healing x2
Quickbeam x1

Attachments (6):
Horn of Gondor x3
In Service of the Steward x3

Events (21):
Tighten Our Belts x3
Sneak Attack x3
Campfire Tales x3
Valiant Sacrifice x3
Feint x3
Daeron’s Runes x3
Deep Knowledge x3

Honour Guard
Dunedain Cache
Gondorian Shield

Decklist on RingsDB

I’m still not sure I’m 100% happy with the deck, though it’s pretty good. It is of course 3 cards oversized at present, but honestly I’m not sure what I’d cut. Perhaps the Snowbourn Scout, because he’s less flexible than some of the other allies, only functioning as a chump and nothing else. I like them though, and they are the classic chump. You’ll note that the only Tactics cards which aren’t allies are Horn of Gondor and Feint, so stacking Na’asiyah’s resources shouldn’t be too hard. Twenty one of the twenty six allies in the deck are pretty natural chumps (the exceptions being Gandalf, Quickbeam and Warden of Healing), though some of them can also potentially be used to quest or attack as needed. Given the abundance of cheap allies, this deck tends to be quite good at sailing if you’re playing a sailing quest. Horn of Gondor was the basic idea to get resources, and In Service of the Steward also serves that end by making Na’asiyah a viable target for resources from Denethor, Envoy of Pelargir and Squire of the Citadel. Tighten Our Belts also helps to get the resources flowing obviously. And the rest of the important stuff is just a lot of card draw to hopefully find everything in a timely fashion. The sideboard – Dunedain Cache obviously could be relevant depending on how engagements fall, but of course Na’asiyah can only attack once per round without help from other decks, and additional attacks may sap her resources. Honour Guards I struggle to leave out of any deck with Tactics, but they don’t really fit the chumping strategy unless there are shadows which deal a damage to the defending character, in which case the Honour Guards may be essential for that purpose. And Gondorian Shield obviously can toughen up Denethor for those cases where you want a strong hero defender as well as the steady stream of chumps.

As I said, I’m still not entirely sure about the deck. I don’t know how well it’ll perform against really difficult quests, where there might be more enemies at a time than this deck can deal with, and I worry it may not be bringing enough else to the table. On the other hand, while its supply of willpower is limited, the healing, resources and card draw it can potentially throw around the table are not insignificant considerations so it may well work out better than I anticipated. Even if it doesn’t, the amount of success I have had with it definitely indicates that there’s potential in the concept if nothing else and what it definitely is is fun to play. As it happens, the main game with this deck which I remember playing was against Flight of the Stormcaller (because I figured it’d be ironic to bring a Na’asiyah deck to that quest) and we won fairly handily, with Na’asiyah smashing a fair few enemies in spite of a less than optimal draw on my part.

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4 Responses to Deck: The Corsair Maiden Glories in Death

  1. INK1ing says:

    Poor old Snowbourn Scout. That poir guy has been getting thrown under the Mumak since this game began.

    Do you think that Firefoot would be a good match for Na’asiyah? He is a pricey attachment in such a low cost deck but it could work out cheaper in the long run.


  2. Qwaz says:

    That is an interesting idea and as The Warden says, the stack of resources on Na’asiyah isn’t a problem for this deck. a unique 2-cost mount wouldn’t be too expensive and then there’s potentially Elfhelm somewhere on the table….Hmmmmm.

    Think i’d personally cut the Spearmen being 2-cost that need to all come from elrond alone, but that extra dmg to the attacker can make all the difference sometimes….


    • PocketWraith says:

      Everything is cheap and I have a few different ways to shift resources around, I’m not overly worried about the Spearman being 2-cost. And my rationale for them was based on the damage, potentially saving a resource from Na’asiyah which I’d otherwise need to kill something.


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