Deck: Recalled Glory

In the last deck post I mentioned that the basic idea of “Warrior allies + Raiment of War” branched out into three different decks. This is the second of those. While looking through the selection of allies with the Warrior trait, I noticed that there are some pretty decent ones to be got from Noldor – Veteran Sword-Elf is a pretty impressive potential option, and of course Watcher of the Bruinen has always just need some stat-boosts to make him really powerful. They wouldn’t fit into a more generic deck however, as they really require you to go for the whole Noldor discard approach, so I had to build a Noldor-specific combat deck. This works fine though as there are other decent allies to bring in and other useful attachments particular to elves so I can fill out the deck pretty well.

It is of course an interesting problem that while Noldor have some decent combat cards in Tactics but the mechanic really fits best in Spirit and Lore for the card draw, and also of course there are no obviously good hero options. The best Tactics Noldor hero we have is Hama for fitting in with the whole discard approach, while the only actual Tactics Noldor hero we have is Elladan, who on top of not synergising particularly with the discard mechanics only works properly alongside his brother. So I had some difficulties figuring out a hero selection. I wondered about waiting until Mountain of Fire was released and putting Elladan in along with ally Elrohir but I think what I eventually landed on works better.
The thing is, while the deck is inevitably somewhat Tactics-heavy, with a relatively small contingent of Spirit cards, one of those Spirit cards is Elven-light, which is going to be disproportionately expensive as it gets played over and over again. And it’s crucial to the functioning of the deck since in addition to helping draw the important cards it also funds all the discard effects. So I kind of needed more Spirit resources, and the obvious route to them was to add Arwen. But I still wanted Cirdan for Narya and the extra draw. Leaving me with a 2 Spirit to 1 Tactics hero ratio but a majority of the deck being Tactics. On the other hand, the preponderance of Tactics cards is less of a problem than it could be since the allies can be cheapened to 1-cost by To the Sea! To the Sea!, and some of the cards are going to get discarded anyway – that’s an expected aspect of how the deck plays and it’s fine because you’re supposed to get out a few powerful allies rather than a swarm of little ones. So to ease the resource issues I picked Mablung as my Tactics hero and the deck works pretty well like this.

Recalled Glory

Arwen Undomiel
Cirdan the Shipwright

Allies (17):
Trollshaw Scout x3
Watcher of the Bruinen x3
Veteran Sword-Elf x3
Guardian of Rivendell x3
Sailor of Lune x3
Glorfindel x1
Lindir x1

Attachments (20):
To the Sea! To the Sea! x3
Light of Valinor x3
Narya x3
Raiment of War x3
Elven Mail x3
Rivendell Blade x3
Rivendell Bow x2

Events (13):
A Test of Will x3
Elven-light x3
Feint x3
Revealed in Wrath x2
Sterner than Steel x2

Dunedain Hunter
Unexpected Courage
Elrond’s Counsel
Lords of the Eldar
Skyward Volley
(Glorfindel x2)
(Sterner than Steel x1)

Decklist on RingsDB

The most difficult part of the game for this deck is going to be the early game. The combat power comes from the allies and their attachments, and you may not be able to get them out right away, but once you’re a little bit established those Noldor combat allies can do a hell of a lot. A hypothetical ideal setup I suppose would be Guardian of Rivendell with Elven Mail, Trollshaw Scout with Rivendell Blade, Veteran Sword-Elf with both plus Rivendell Bow, and Watcher of the Bruinen with Raiment of War, but you can obviously mix and match the distribution of attachments to allies depending on what you’re drawing at any given moment. Mulligan card is of course Elven-light, and that’s where most of the Spirit resources should be going.
One difficult with the Trollshaw Scout and Watcher of the Bruinen is that since they don’t exhaust you can’t use Narya on them – unless you exhaust them for some other purpose. So if you have Narya they may be good targets for encounter card effects which make you exhaust a character, if you sub in Skyward Volley then that works for the Scouts, and in a pinch it might even be worth questing with them if you think you’re really going to need those extra combat stats (I’ve never done this but I can imagine it might make sense under the right conditions).
Speaking of the sideboard – Dunedain Hunter obviously is a way of getting more resources for Mablung. Courage is most likely to be relevant if someone else wants Light of Valinor, since you want that extra action out of Cirdan so he can quest and Narya. Elrond’s Counsel is just for if threat is a concern which often it may not be. Lords of the Eldar obviously will give you useful stats everywhere, while Skyward Volley will grant some nice direct damage, and both synergise with the whole Noldor discard approach this deck is going for. And finally of course just extra copies of a couple of the less than x3 cards in case you want them.
The one other card which really comes to mind I could consider putting in this deck is Proud Hunters if Mablung just isn’t getting enough resources to pay for everything, but I think it should be alright as is. Maybe Silver Harp if all the discard effects are just too much, but again I think it should be alright – the main benefit of a Silver Harp would be to remove any tricky decisions based on Cirdan’s extra draw.

I tested the deck against Celebrimbor’s Secret alongside these two decks (, and it went pretty well:

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