Deck: Scouts Summoning Rangers

When a new hero gets released, I tend to immediately want to build at least one deck with them. In the case of Lanwyn, as she’s a very interesting design and I have something of a fondness for Scouts, I knew for sure that I wanted to, but struggled initially to figure out what. All the Scout trait synergy cards are coming in the next pack or two, and without them there’s not much you can do to specifically build around Lanwyn. 3 Ranged attack in Spirit plus in-built readying is nice to be sure, but it’s mostly just generically good. So I did build one deck with her in the ‘just generically good’ mould, but then there is one way in which you can kind of build around her ability, and that is if you start manipulating the encounter deck.

Of course there are different ways you could go with encounter deck manipulation. The particular card I had in mind to start with was the oft-maligned Ranger Summons. The Rangers of the North have Surge, so they trigger Lanwyn, they become more likely to turn up with more players which also suits Lanwyn, and I’ve always liked Ranger Summons so anything which makes it that bit better is good in my book. Going in further on this though, I figured why not also use some Lore encounter deck manipulation effects to thin out the deck, bringing the Rangers closer and putting the Surges closer together (the latter aspect is more questionable as the detriment of a Surge may still outweigh the benefit of Lanwyn, but you still try to get rid of things you don’t like in general). So None Return makes an appearance along with Out of the Wild and Scout Ahead (Plus Keen As Lances for good measure).
Secrecy was highly unlikely, making Out of the Wild an expensive prospect, so obviously I suppose I’ll want the Leadership hero to play Steward of Gondor onto the Lore hero. Even then I might come up a little short, and there may not be that much to spend the Leadership resources on… all this suggests Leadership Denethor as a good choice, which leaves me with Beravor as my Lore hero since I need a Dunedain to be able to play Ranger Summons (Lore Aragorn would also work, but he has a higher starting threat and the card draw from Beravor will also come in handy for finding my important cards).

Scouts Summoning Rangers

Denethor (Ld)

Allies (10):
Arwen Undomiel x2
Envoy of Pelargir x3
Galadriel’s Handmaiden x3
Gandalf (Core) x2

Attachments (9):
Ranger Spikes x3
Steward of Gondor x3
Unexpected Courage x3

Events (30):
A Test of Will x3
Captain’s Wisdom x3
Daeron’s Runes x3
Heed the Dream x3
Keen As Lances x3
None Return x3
Out of the Wild x3
Ranger Summons x3
Shadow of the Past x3
Sneak Attack x3

Side-quests (1):
Scout Ahead x1

Set aside (3):
Ranger of the North x3

Decklist on RingsDB

So you want Beravor to have Steward obviously. Often you may want Denethor to pass his resources over to her as well, when you don’t need them for Sneak Attack or Ranger Summons. While being able to spend the 3 Leadership resources for the optional full deck search with Heed the Dream is amazing, your draw is good enough that you probably won’t have to wait that long to draw Captain’s Wisdom as well. Exhaust Denethor in the resource phase for those extra resources and heed the hell out of that dream (or if there’s a round where you’re pretty sure you won’t need Denethor you could get the resources in advance so you’ll have them when you draw Heed the Dream). Beyond that, as I said, just mess with the encounter deck. None Return for enemies you want out of the deck, Out of the Wild and Scout Ahead for whatever, and once the victory display starts filling up you can take advantage of Keen As Lances. If your Rangers of the North go as shadow cards you can put them back on the encounter deck with Shadow of the Past. Or you can use SotP to recycle actual encounter cards which you consider fairly benign and don’t mind seeing again.
Obviously, this is a support deck. I seriously doubt it would work reliably with less than 3 players, but with those higher player-counts the victory display stuff really starts to be more relevant, you can end up with Lanwyn triggering pretty consistently, and you may make a lot of friends if you’re willing to do some co-operative dream heeding.
Other possibilities – while the draw would be less good, it has occurred to me that using a Leadership Dunedain and Lore Denethor would have the benefit of Denethor being able to use his ability and mill through the deck looking for Rangers. Not sure how well it’d actually work out in practice though, and unless I used Leadership Aragorn (whose ability would probably be wasted a lot of the time) I’d lose the Captain’s Wisdom + Heed the Dream combo. Nothing else springs to mind for a single deck, but this is definitely something which could benefit from multiple decks collaborating on it. The one thing this deck could really do with sometimes that it doesn’t have would be a way to give Lanwyn more resources. Keen As Lances can do it I suppose in the late game. Maybe Tighten Our Belts would make sense.

Tested out this deck about a week ago alongside my Super Eowyn deck and an old location control deck against Celebrimbor’s Secret. The Surges definitely became more consistent after a while, though as I said one may question if this is actually a good thing, readying/boosting Lanwyn or not. Taking nasty cards out of the deck and getting out those Rangers is definitely pretty nice though, to say nothing of the serious power of Keen As Lances. Final board state:

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