Miscellaneous Articles

I have a bunch of established series of articles on a variety of subjects, but sometimes I have an idea that doesn’t fit so well into those more precisely categorised boxes – indeed I think some of the best stuff I’ve written has been just this sort of random stuff. Often these focus on deckbuilding and strategy, but there are also bits of game design, general enthusiasm and whatever else comes to mind, so rather than trying to categorise them all I’m just categorising them the way I do when I’m writing them – as miscellaneous (though it’s possible some of thhem could later expand into larger article series). Since some of the titles can get a bit more creative I’ll put notes on some of them to also say what they’re about.

Breaking the Uniqueness Rules – What if you could put all three Aragorns into one deck?
“Why did I lose?”
Which is the most essential sphere?
How do the spheres combine?
Brimming with Anticipation – Getting somewhat excited about spoilers.
Thoughts on staple cards after listening to a podcast
Carnage and Doom – Killer quests
Year End Roundup
Power vs. Fun in the Hero Championship – Different criteria make very different rankings.
There Can Be Only One! – Talking about uniqueness clashes.
Boons and Burdens – Campaign Strategy
“The quiet ones are the ones that change the universe” – The huge power of glue heroes.
[Custom Content] [Non-LotR] How Do They Rise Up – Discworld in the LotR ruleset.
Know Your Limits – The limitations of working with a smaller card pool.
Brimming with anticipation again – Getting somewhat excited about spoilers again.
The Skill Element – Talking about the nature and different aspects of skill in this game.
Card Devaluation – Talking about the tendency to dismiss some cards without trying them.
My Top 10 Favourite Cards Which I Never Use
Fellowship Event 2016: Siege of Annuminas – Some general thoughts on it.
Siege of Annuminas Review – More detailed thoughts.
Miscellaneous bits from 2016
2016 Hero Championship – Judged on power
The Warden of Arnor Hero Awards – Inspired by the 2016 Hero Championship, made up awards.