Miscellaneous Articles

Not everything I write fits into the categories I’ve given specific pages to. These are those posts – I have broken them down further into categories, and if I write more about strategy or news then those may get their own pages to centrally index all those posts, but for the moment they’re just here.


“Why did I lose?”
Carnage and Doom – Killer quests
Boons and Burdens – Campaign Strategy
The Skill Element (On the nature and different aspects of skill in this game)
Scouting Ahead (About examining encounter decks to prepare for a quest)


Brimming with Anticipation (Getting excited about spoilers)
Brimming with anticipation again (And again)
Fellowship Event 2016: Siege of Annuminas (General thoughts)
Siege of Annuminas Review (More detail)
FAQ 1.9 was released and I have Opinions
Fellowship Event 2017: Attack on Dol Guldur
Attack on Dol Guldur Review
News Thoughts – Fire in the Night (mostly)

Random Other

Year End Roundup
[Custom Content] [Non-LotR] How Do They Rise Up (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld in the LotR ruleset)
Miscellaneous bits from 2016
The Joy of Variety – Talking about why I love this game.
My Pet Peeves in this Game