Miscellaneous Articles

Not everything I write fits into the categories I’ve given specific pages to. These are those posts – I have broken them down further into categories, and if I write more about strategy or news then those may get their own pages to centrally index all those posts, but for the moment they’re just here.


“Why did I lose?”
Carnage and Doom – Killer quests
Boons and Burdens – Campaign Strategy
The Skill Element (On the nature and different aspects of skill in this game)


Brimming with Anticipation (Getting excited about spoilers)
Brimming with anticipation again (And again)
Fellowship Event 2016: Siege of Annuminas (General thoughts)
Siege of Annuminas Review (More detail)

Random Other

Breaking the Uniqueness Rules (What if you could put all three Aragorns into one deck?)
Year End Roundup
[Custom Content] [Non-LotR] How Do They Rise Up (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld in the LotR ruleset)
Miscellaneous bits from 2016