Card Focus

On this page I’ve collected all my blog posts which put a particular focus onto evaluating a small set of specific cards for one reason or another (and purely on their own individual merits rather than making a more general point about the design of the game). Relating to common traits, community discussions/reactions, and sometimes me picking my own favourites.

Thoughts on staple cards after listening to a podcast
Power vs. Fun in the Hero Championship
There Can Be Only One! (On uniqueness clashes)
“The quiet ones are the ones that change the universe” (On glue heroes)
Card Devaluation (On the tendency to dismiss some cards without trying them)
My Top 10 Favourite Cards Which I Never Use
2016 Hero Championship – Judged on power
The Warden of Arnor Hero Awards
Top 10 Villains in the LotR LCG

To see some of my thoughts on individual cards you can also look at all my RingsDB card reviews, which I have indexed here.