Deckbuilding Challenges

When I have the time, I love to take on deckbuilding challenges – limited card pool, use specific cards (perhaps ones generally considered lacklustre), particular focus, whatever. The posts linked below are all to do with these challenges, some of which I may impose on myself (such as the Anti-Coaster Challenge, which I intend to make more of an ongoing series out of) and some of which I’ll get from other people.

Introducing the Anti-Coaster Challenge (Tactics Theoden)
Forum Challenge #1
Forum Challenge #2
Forum Challenge #3
Forum Challenge #4
A Random Walk to Mordor #1
Doubling down on deckbuilding challenges (Random Walk to Mordor Minimum Purchase Edition)
Highlander Mode Challenge
Minor Challenge: Solo Progression Three Trials
Deckbuilding Challenges: No Attachments/All Attachments
Deckbuilding Challenge: The Middle Earth Hero Auction
Single Letter Challenge – G
Deckbuilding Challenge: Tactics Shadow of the Past
Deckbuilding Challenge: Uncaptured Mount Gram
6 AP Challenge: Introduction

If there’s a deckbuilding challenge you’d like to see me take on, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with!

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