Deck: Gloin’s Attachment Emporium

So Well-Equipped was a card I’d never really used until recently. It always struck me as odd, since the general strategy of a dwarf deck is to focus on allies, not attachments, which would inevitably limit the chances of Well-Equipped actually hitting in your average dwarf deck. I still hold to this opinion, but I have realised that there are other uses you can put it to, where it can actually be pretty well suited. A classic case is of course using it in a Caldara deck, where you don’t care about attaching things to Dwarves, you just want to put cards in the discard pile by any means available. But then there are some Dwarf heroes who can really benefit from an attachment-heavy focus, and of course there are also some ways by which one can set up Well-Equipped to reliably hit. It is these two points which I decided to focus on when building this deck.

Of course, once I started I realised that since I could only have 3 copies of Well-Equipped in my deck I’d need some other options for getting those attachments down. Enter ally Galadriel. And I guess sometimes I can cope with just playing the attachments from hand normally…
Now I should note straight off that this is not a Gloin deck in quite the same vein as some – the intention here is primarily for Gloin to play all of the attachments, not necessarily specifically on himself. Though if you prefer that kind of approach, it could easily be adapted.
Honestly I don’t have that much more to say about this deck. It gets attachments onto the table at an accelerated rate, it tanks attacks. I haven’t tried it solo, only two-handed, it maybe had a bit of a slow start but basically it seemed to work.

Gloin’s Attachment Emporium


Allies (16):
Erebor Hammersmith x3
Galadriel x3
Master of the Forge x3
Warden of the Havens x3
Warden of Healing x2
Quickbeam x1
Faramir x1

Attachments (28):
Narvi’s Belt x3
King Under the Mountain x3
Citadel Plate x3
Wizard Pipe x3
Ent Draught x2
Gandalf’s Staff x1
Shadowfax x1
Unexpected Courage x3
Self Preservation x3
Hardy Leadership x1
Song of Mocking x1
Protector of Lorien x1
Narya x1
Steward of Gondor x1
Boots from Erebor x1

Events (6):
Well-Equipped x3
Second Breakfast x3

Decklist on RingsDB

So you use Wizard Pipe to set up Well-Equipped and otherwise you just distribute attachments around the table to whoever needs them. Between King Under the Mountain, Master of the Forge, Galadriel, and Gandalf letting you play from the top of your deck, you draw through things pretty fast. The inclusion of Warden of the Havens may be a less good idea than I originally thought – I figured that between Well-Equipped and King Under the Mountain, plus the general nature of the deck there’d be an attachment on top of the discard often enough, but of course when you play Well-Equipped you resolve it fully, discarding the cards before you put it in the discard, so it ends up as your top discard, and a decent amount of the time the attachment is what you want to add to your hand with King Under the Mountain, not to mention the ways of recurring attachments back out of the discard. In my test play I found the Wardens didn’t come online until near the end of the game at which point they were kind of superfluous. The principle could still be sound though, especially perhaps if I had more than one Protector of Lorien and thus could deliberately discard attachments from hand to activate the Wardens.
Obviously Narvi’s Belt is one of the most important cards for you to get. Only one copy of Steward may seem odd, but if you get Gloin powered up he doesn’t need it, so you may actually want to play it on someone else’s hero to help them out.
One important point to bear in mind is about Ent Draught – it can only be played if you control at least one Ent character, however Well-Equipped and Galadriel do not count as playing it and thus bypass that restriction. There is the one copy of Quickbeam just in case you get stuck with an Ent Draught in your hand though.

Other possible includes for this deck:
Gondorian Fire/Blood of Numenor/Lay of Nimrodel – If you make Gloin Steward then this would be another way to use all those resources he generates. Lay of Nimrodel wouldn’t even require him to be the Steward.
A Burning Brand – If you’d rather not risk shadow effects and have Gloin actually defend attacks instead of my usual approach of taking them undefended then obviously this would be a great choice. Under those circumstances you probably want to stick some Unexpected Courages on Gloin, where otherwise it can be nice to spread them around or stack them on Gandalf.
Basically any other attachment in the game – This deck is all about playing whatever attachments are useful, so if there’s something which would be useful in a particular quest, or for a particular companion deck, you can just throw it in as you feel necessary.

Good companion decks for this deck would probably include decks that start out pretty well, since this one may take a little bit of time to get going, and decks with Dwarves make sense as they give more potential targets for Well-Equipped.

As always, feel free to try out the deck, leave comments here or on RingsDB if you have any questions or thoughts, and let me know if you liked it!

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