The Line Unbroken – F6: Isle of Werewolves

So having painstakingly reviewed all of Ian’s custom First Age cards, I move on to the simpler task of actually playing through the three quests, following the tale of Beren and Luthien on their quest to retrieve the Silmaril. We begin of course with the Isle of Werewolves.

So what defines this quest? Well, the three quests in the First Age set to my mind each take elements of previous official quests but modify them in interesting ways. Isle of Werewolves is the most generic though, despite having some shades of Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim with the Pit area. Generally though, all I really think I need to plan for here is good solid access to the primary aspects of the game. I need to be able to quest hard enough to rescue the prisoner before they’re eaten by a werewolf, and fight hard enough to avoid everyone else being eaten by different werewolves. While there are some heroes who work better or worse against particular First Age quests, for the most part I just picked out a selection such that I’d use each of the fifteen heroes at least once. I also figured I’d try to build around some of the ideas which occurred to me while doing the card reviews which I haven’t done before. There’s not really that much more to say in preamble, let’s talk decklists.

Out of Hiding


Allies (20):
Melian x3
Daeron x3
Maeglin x3
Dwarf of the Blue Mountains x3
Chieftain of Men x3
Green-elf Ranger x2
Orodreth x1
Mablung x1
Barahir x1

Attachments (20):
High Kingship of the Noldor x3
Aranruth x3
Poisoned Javelin x3
A Burning Brand x3
Forest Snare x3
Oath of Friendship x2
Haudh-en-Ndengin x2
Cram x1

Events (10):
Dark Elf x3
Secrets of Craft x3
Defied and Mocked x2
Hour of Need x2

Thoughts: I mentioned in the Mastery review that Thingol can be a great splash hero between his good stats for 7 threat (good for everything with Aranruth), and Aranruth giving him access to all the other spheres as well. In this case he’s pretty much just going to provide additional Lore resources in addition to Mastery, but that’s still helpful as it’ll allow me to make use of the Forest Snares to power up the second deck. High Kingship is intended to be played cross-table here onto an Elf-friended Haleth or Hurin depending on which sphere I start with more of (probably Haleth). The Oaths of Friendship will probably go between the High King (/Queen) and Thingol. This deck should have pretty fantastic draw between Dark Elf, Daeron, and Secrets of Craft powered by Burning Brands, Forest Snares and a few others, plus the fact I can shunt 10 less significant cards into the Menegroth deck to make the remainder more consistent. Of course Secrets of Craft can also be directed to the other deck.

Journey Through Peril


Allies (20):
Melian x3
Elwing x3
Haladin Woodsman x3
Gondolin Guard x3
Finduilas x2
Beor x2
Huor x2
Morwen x1
Huan x1

Attachments (13):
Elf-friend x3
Vingilot x3
Unexpected Courage x3
Nimphelos x2
Dragon-helm x2

Events (17):
A Test of Will x3
…And Yet A Warning x3
Banners and Horns x3
Day Shall Come Again x3
Feint x3
Leaguer x2

Thoughts: This deck is all pretty straightforward. Haleth and Hurin will get powered up by engaged enemies with Forest Snares supplied by the other deck. I’m going to try and pull off the Elwing/Banners and Horns combo at some point. Nimphelos will be played cross-table onto Beren, who may have limited use otherwise for all the extra resources he’ll be generating. Between both decks I have an excessive number of ways to deal with attacks, with Haleth and Earendil (using Vingilot) defending with their willpower, Feint, Leaguer, Elwing as a recyclable chump, the Dragon-helm, Finduilas, Huor and Defied and Mocked from the other deck. If something manages to actually kill me it’ll be surprising.

Youtube video: Isle of Werewolves

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