Whenever I come up with decks that I feel are sufficiently good or sufficiently interesting ideas that I want to show them off to the world at large, I post them here. Of course I also post decklists for when I’ve done deckbuilding challenges and The Line Unbroken, but those are decks built specifically for those purposes, whereas these are decks that I built just because the mood took me, that I’m more likely to refer to if I’m just playing random games with friends on OCTGN. Here are the decks I’ve posted about thus far:

In the mind of a Deck-builder – Fast building (This one is more about the deck-building process than the deck itself, but I did include the decklist)
Deck: Hasten the Ents
Deck: The Charge of Harrowdale
Deck: To Live and Die and Live in Middle Earth
Christmas Deckbuilding
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stargazer and the Miners from Moria
Deck(s): The Ring of Fire Sails to Gondor
Deck: Dwarves and Eagles and Bears, Oh My!
Decks: The Wisdom and Spirit of the Istari
Deck: The Valour of Numenor
Deck: The Forest Devours
Deck: Gloin’s Attachment Emporium
Deck: Middle Earth Signal Corps
Deck: We are such stuff as dreams are made on
Decks: The House of Stewards
Deck: Great Cleavage
Deck: Orcs Tumble into my Traps
Deck: A Very Literal ‘Wood Elf’
Deck: It’s an Eagle! It’s Vingilot! No, it’s Super-Eowyn!
Deck: Scouts Summoning Rangers
Deck: Expedient Alliances
Deck: I Brought Enough Sword-thain for Everyone
Fellowship: Mount Up
Fellowship: Mount Up [3-player version]
Deck: The Corsair Maiden Glories in Death
Deck: The Invisible Army
Decks: Hero’s Fall
Deck: Keener Sight than Lesser Men
Deck: Brave Warriors
Deck: Recalled Glory
Deck: ‘Tis but a scratch!
Decks: Heroes/Allies Stand Ready
Deck: Master Manipulator

All decks posted here (and more) have also been posted on RingsDB. In some cases my RingsDB may also have more recent versions where I’ve updated the deck since posting it on this blog.


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