Deck Spring Cleaning

I have way too many decklists, so a while back I started trying to tidy up my OCTGN deck folders and in my Deck Spring Cleaning posts I talk through the process of deciding which decks to keep, which decks to develop further until they work properly, and which to just abandon. In general I go through one folder per post, my folders being as follows:

Campaign – decks for a campaign I’ve been playing with my brother, with a sub-folder for my solo campaign. Obviously these are exempt from spring cleaning.
First Age – decks for the Tales from the Cards First Age custom sets.
Fix – decks which I think still need some tweaking.
Gimmick – decks which really focus on a particular gimmick, or in some cases a specific quest. Though some of these are still perfectly functional decks in the right context. There’s also a sub-folder of Secrecy decks in here, though that may be redundant.
Playthrough – decks built for The Line Unbroken (I made the folder before I came up with the name). Obviously these are exempt.
Template – This is a mixture of cases where I’ve collected together everything that fits a certain theme so I can refer to it when I actually build decks on that theme, and decks where I got the basic idea and put in the key cards, but didn’t get as far as fleshing it out to 50 (or in some cases didn’t get round to cutting it down to 50 after picking out all the potential options).
Viable – decks I actually think are good.

Deck Spring Cleaning: Fix
Deck Spring Cleaning: Gimmick
Deck Spring Cleaning: First Age
Deck Spring Cleaning: Template
Deck Spring Cleaning: Viable

Having made it through all those deck folders, while I might go through an occasional clearout of unfinished ideas in my private RingsDB decks, I decided to primarily refocus the series onto the process of updating all the old decks which I decided not to get rid of (since there’s quite a bit of content out there about building decks, but not so much about how one goes about updating decks with the expanding/evolving card pool, which can equally be very significant for some players):

Deck Spring Cleaning – Actions
Deck Spring Cleaning: AraBalTheo & AraBeoGlor