Breaking the Game

It is an unfortunate truth that despite the great effort the designers put into this game, sometimes there are problems with certain cards and certain quests, and sometimes there are things which are flat out broken and can be exploited. And when I say broken I don’t mean broken in the sense that you might say for instance, “Outlands are totally broken and overpowered,” I mean broken in the sense that certain quests under certain conditions stop functioning as intended or significant parts of them get trivialised.
Where these instances come up I do like to focus on them a bit as I pass the relevant quests in The Line Unbroken. They vary in severity of course, contrasting between the potential for a boss fight quest in which the boss doesn’t attack and simply quests where the divergence between building for them and not is much larger than it normally is.

Breaking the Game: Shadow and Flame
Breaking the game: Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim
Breaking the Game: Flies and Spiders/The Lonely Mountain
Breaking the Game: Power of Mordor
Breaking the Game: Boromir