The Line Unbroken – N21: Nightmare Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim

Alright, we come now to the end of the first set of Hobbit Nightmares. Once I’ve done this quest I can move onto some substantially better ones. Must be Christmas.
Actually I meant to have this done a while back but unexpectedly came down ill on the 15th of December, leaving me unable to do much of anything really, but the lasting effects meant in particular it was over a week before I could even consider talking my way through a video for an hour or more. I’m done now though, so let’s talk riddles.

Years ago I built four decks designed specifically to be good at answering riddles. You can see them here. As I recall I did once take two of them against the Nightmare version of this quest and win it, so I could have considered simply re-using those decks, but I decided on reflection to build new ones. I have after all improved as a deckbuilder since then and I thought I could do even better.
So, this quest. The riddle mechanic led a very divergent quest as it was and the Nightmare deck just plays into that even further. Being better at answering riddles means less threat in the staging area and the cards you’re taking away are generally the most dangerous cards to deal with as not-riddles. The Nightmare deck gives us some more difficult riddles, but there’s a limit to how difficult the riddles can be without just changing up what they ask you to match (which a couple of the nightmare cards do, but only a couple), and it’s possible to make a deck very consistent. So that’s what I did.

What has roots nobody sees

Frodo Baggins
Glorfindel (Sp)

Allies (28):
Arwen Undomiel x3
West Road Traveller x3
Imladris Stargazer x3
Zigil Miner x3
The Riddermark’s Finest x3
Westfold Horse-Breaker x3
Escort from Edoras x3
Pelargir Shipwright x3
Silvan Refugee x3
Emery x1

Attachments (11):
Light of Valinor x3
Ancient Mathom x3
Unexpected Courage x3
Silver Lamp x2

Events (11):
A Test of Will x3
Hasty Stroke x3
Dwarven Tomb x3
Will of the West x2

Thoughts: 2-cost Spirit Ally.

This thing all things devours


Allies (15):
Vassal of the Windlord x3
Veteran Axehand x3
Defender of Rammas x3
Westfold Outrider x3
Winged Guardian x3

Attachments (23):
Gondorian Shield x3
Blade of Gondolin x3
Dagger of Westernesse x3
Rivendell Blade x3
Rivendell Bow x3
Ring Mail x3
Spear of the Citadel x3
Mighty Prowess x2

Events (12):
Feint x3
Behind Strong Walls x3
Hands Upon the Bow x3
Foe-hammer x3

Thoughts: 1-cost Tactics Attachment.



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