Slight Reorganisation

You may have noticed that the main menu has gone through a few changes. I decided that as I keep thinking of new potential article series, rather than keep sorting everything just by series and then miscellaneous I should instead sort by category. So the different categories can potentially contain one or more article series as well as miscellaneous posts which fall under the same umbrella. This is just an explanatory post to point out where things are now in case you’re confused.

The Line Unbroken and Deckbuilding Challenges I have kept as separate menu items, partly because they potentially range between more than one category but mostly because they’re the biggest series and I felt they still deserved their own spaces, The Line Unbroken in particular being extensive enough to overwhelm anything else put in the same category as it.

Decks, Archetype Analysis and Deck Spring Cleaning are all categorised under Deckbuilding.

Design Debates and Breaking the Game are both categorised under Game Design.

The Card Focus category doesn’t contain any existing named series. It contains all the posts focused on examining a small set of specific cards for whatever reason (and purely on their own individual merits rather than making a more general point about the design of the game). So this includes things like when I did my Hero Awards, looking at the Hero Championship, Top 10 lists etc.

The Miscellaneous Articles page is still there but some of the posts linked from it are now on other pages sorted by category along with everything else. Those that remain I’ve subdivided into posts on the subjects of Strategy, News, and Random Other. If I write more on those subjects it’s possible Strategy and News could end up with their own pages, but as of now they’re not things I’ve covered in so much detail.

I may still want to tweak things with this adjusted layout, so any feedback will be welcomed.

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