6 AP Challenge: The Dunland Trap/Across the Ettenmoors Preamble

6 AP Challenge: Introduction
6 AP Challenge: Return to Mirkwood & The Long Dark

Alright, back to the 6 AP Challenge. This Sunday I should be attempting The Dunland Trap and Across the Ettenmoors. As in the previous instalment, this is one difficult quest and one easier quest, but for the more difficult quest I’m using a considerably more potent hero lineup, so we’ll see how it works out for me.

My hero lineup for Dunland Trap is Celeborn/Arwen/Erestor. The severe card pool limitations certainly make Celeborn less effective as I have less good Silvan allies to choose from, but the other two bring a lot to the table so I shouldn’t have too many problems putting together something which can put up a few wins against The Dunland Trap. In particular of course as I’ve previously noted, I’ve always wanted to take Erestor against Dunland Trap so I can just not care at all about the initial Time effect.
The challenge I particularly drew attention to from this quest when I did it for The Line Unbroken was the need for efficiency both to counter the initial issues with hand discarding and also to rapidly re-establish a board-state after most of it gets discarded on advancing the quest. What I didn’t note so much there which is potentially somewhat significant is the need to depend upon one’s heroes since the allies are less dependable given the quest advancement, which is an area in which this lineup might fall down a bit. In particular, this is not a set of heroes who bring much to combat, and of course I’ve locked myself out of the Tactics sphere which might help me shore up that weakness more easily, so that’s likely to be my most significant focus in building the deck – ensuring that I can handle combat without dying.
On top of that of course I also have the issue that I’ve got Celeborn but a sharply limited selection of Silvan allies, no O Lorien!, and using The Tree People might be inadvisable since returning an ally to my hand means discarding it to Erestor at the end of the round. The Erestor/Arwen pairing should be fine though, that’s a good setup.

For Across the Ettenmoors, on the other hand, I have Glorfindel/Hama/Dunhere. A problematic lineup, chosen primarily I think because this I reckoned to be an easier quest so I could get away with something that wouldn’t work as well. My selection of available APs means no decent weapons for Dunhere, and I’m also short on cheap threat reduction. If I want to use Glorfindel’s ability at all I’m going to have to have not a lot of Lore cards since I don’t have much in the way of resource generation available to me. And no Asfaloth, which can be one of the best justifications for using Lore Glorfindel. Not a lot of card draw for Hama either. In general, getting any of these heroes to work as intended is going to be a challenge. Fortunately as noted, Ettenmoors isn’t too difficult a quest, so I suppose the big deal will be trying to get out enough willpower just to progress through it. That could be a fairly significant problem.
As far as challenges particular to the quest go, healing is a big deal, but my randomly selected APs were pretty kind to me as far as healing goes so that shouldn’t be a problem. The amount of attack needed to kill most of the enemies is more of a concern, but it hopefully won’t be too bad since I’m playing in solo. I can’t afford to rest on my laurels too much though, this quest definitely has the potential to screw me over.

I’m still tweaking the decks for the exact problems I just highlighted – combat power for Dunland, willpower for Ettenmoors – so I’ll save posting them until some time after the stream. For now I’m just announcing that I will be streaming my attempts at these two quests this Sunday, 23rd July at 8:30pm BST.

That’s 8:30pm BST, Sunday 23rd July, http://www.twitch.tv/pocketwraith.

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