6 AP Challenge: Introduction

My next deckbuilding challenge is a slightly more long term case. It’s also an older one, as this is a challenge which Some Sort came up with on Discord about a year ago when we were discussing Progression-style things (my Line Unbroken and others) and Seastan’s Minimum Purchase idea which he’s done a few times. The idea he put forward was a kind of Minimum Purchase variation – randomly select six adventure packs, beat those quests using only cards from those six packs plus the Core Set. And since that produces a list of 18 heroes, only use each one once and that goes through all of them. I don’t know if he ever actually did it himself after randomising the quests (it has taken me a year to get to it so I’m not really in a position to criticise) but I’m at least going to do mine.

As I said, this is going to be more of a long term thing, I don’t plan to play all six quests in one go, rather I’ll go a bit at a time and keep updating on my progress.

The six quests I randomised (and therefore the six APs I can use cards from) are:

Return to Mirkwood

The Long Dark

The Dunland Trap

Across the Ettenmoors

Treachery of Rhudaur

The Dread Realm

Which gives me the following list of heroes (each of whom I have to use once):

Aragorn (Ld)
Gimli (Ta)
Legolas (Ta)
Eowyn (Sp)
Glorfindel (Lo)
Denethor (Lo)
Dain Ironfoot
Arwen Undomiel

Initial thoughts: the most likely place for this to fall down is having to do Return to Mirkwood in solo. Dain and Celeborn with a limited card pool may be difficult to work with since I’m limited in my access to Dwarf and Silvan allies. On the other hand I’ve always wanted to try taking Erestor against The Dunland Trap, just to thumb my nose at the Time effect on stage 1.
Beyond those points, being limited in hero selection and forced to use each hero once does present some issues with regards to making sure I have enough willpower to get through everything. I have to be careful how I distribute my heroes while also making sensible choices based on the relative difficulties of the different quests.
Given these potential difficulties, it’s possible I might not actually be able to get through this selection of quests, in which case I’ll randomise a new set and try again. The plan at the moment though is to go through the quests in release order (not that significant other than I want to start with Return to Mirkwood since as noted that’s the one I think is most likely to go wrong), and this is how I’m distributing my heroes:

Return to Mirkwood – Dain Ironfoot, Gimli, Eowyn.

The Long Dark – Thalin, Eleanor, Beravor.

The Dunland Trap – Celeborn, Arwen Undomiel, Erestor.

Across the Ettenmoors – Hama, Dunhere, Glorfindel.

Treachery of Rhudaur – Aragorn, Theodred, Legolas.

The Dread Realm – Gloin, Dori, Denethor.

Looking at these again, it seems like it definitely could be doomed to failure, and maybe there are some tweaks could make to the rules to improve my chances, but we’ll see how things go. I’ll be streaming myself attempting Return to Mirkwood at least and possibly The Long Dark this Sunday at 8pm BST and then I’ll make update posts and be continuing in future (though possibly not for every bi-weekly stream, I might make it every other one and do non-challenge stuff in the off-weeks).

8pm BST, Sunday 17th June, http://www.twitch.tv/pocketwraith

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6 Responses to 6 AP Challenge: Introduction

  1. emorlecallor says:

    While Hama is mentioned in your hero selections for the individual quests, he is not in the boldfaced list of all your eligible heroes.


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