Single Letter Challenge – G

The next of my selection of community-suggested challenges I’m going to tackle is this one from 987654321 on the FFG forums: Use only cards that begin with a certain letter.
I will mention now that as a general principle, some of these challenges I may tweak to make them easier/harder/more interesting. With this one there are a fair few possibilities I could’ve gone for, but the one I’ve chosen is simply that I’ve allowed myself the leeway to disregard the words ‘A’ and ‘The’ when I realised I would otherwise run out of reasonable cards that I could use.

This is a challenge I think I may revisit in future as well since I have a whole alphabet to try and go through, and I can use different variations – one is simply to exempt my hero selection from the one letter restriction, which for some letters will be essential; one is to universally disregard ‘A’ and ‘The’ rather than just as a last resort as in this instance; one is to permit any card where any of the words begin with the relevant letter; and finally for particularly sparse cases I might just allow myself multiple letters in one deck.

In this case though, I’m going for the letter G. It’s one of if not actually the best choice for this idea, but there are still obvious limitations. I didn’t set out with the intent to make this easier by relaxing the restriction as I mentioned further up the post, it was as I say more of a last resort so that I could make an actually workable deck. Bear in mind moving forward that I’m only including cards up to Storm on Cobas Haven because that’s where we currently have OCTGN image packs to.
To start with, hero selection. I suppose I could’ve relaxed the one letter restriction for my heroes, but I thought it’d be more interesting this way, and there enough to choose from, right? Well, less so if I want the deck to function reasonably. Gloin wouldn’t work without healing, while Tactics Gimli would want hit point boosts. Both of these things are in short supply in the letter G. Which leaves me with Spirit and Lore heroes, plus Gandalf. Of course Gandalf could play some out of sphere cards from the top of the deck, but without Wizard Pipe that’s going to be inconsistent. So maybe I should stick to Spirit/Lore.
Now if I put in the maximum copies of every Spirit, Lore or Neutral card which begins with the letter G regardless of its use, that comes to 58 cards. Of course that illegally includes both versions of Gandalf, two of the allies overlap with my potential hero selection (and I only have four possible heroes left), and the selection of cards includes Gamling (useless with no other Rohan allies but Gleowine), Good Meal (useless with no Hobbit heroes), Guarded Ceaselessly (almost useless with no Rangers and Greyflood Wanderers as my only Scouts), Gildor’s Counsel (useless in solo play), and Gandalf’s Search (useless in general). Removing those takes me down to 40 cards, so obviously I had to do something if I was to build a legal deck without including cards I actually couldn’t play.
So I slightly relaxed the rules. However, by allowing myself to disregard the ‘A’ in A Good Harvest I was able to fill out more of the deck with cards that actually began with G. My other concession was that since I have both Grima and Hobbit Gandalf, disregarding ‘The’ to have The Galadhrim’s Greeting is just good sense. But I restricted myself to just those two slight deviations.
The resulting decklist is as follows:

The G Deck

Galdor of the Havens

Allies (40):
Galadhrim Healer x3
Galadhrim Minstrel x3
Galadhrim Weaver x3
Galadriel’s Handmaiden x3
Gandalf (OHaUH) x3
Ghan-buri-Ghan x3
Gildor Inglorion x3
Gimli x1
Gleowine x3
Glorfindel x3
Gondorian Spearman x3
Greyflood Wanderer x3
Grimbold x3
Guardian of Rivendell x3

Attachments (3):
Gandalf’s Staff x3

Events (6):
A Good Harvest x3
The Galadhrim’s Greeting x3

Side-quests (1):
Gather Information x1

As is becoming standard, I will be streaming as I take this deck against a selection of quests this Sunday at 8pm BST. The VOD will once again go up on youtube afterwards, but it’d be great to see some people in the chat for the livestream as well!

Youtube VOD is now here.

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