The Line Unbroken – supplement

OK, I’ve been doing a bunch of somewhat supplemental stuff to The Line Unbroken for a little while and wanted to just quickly highlight it (plus fill in some old gaps). If you follow the Warden of Arnor facebook page then you’ll already be aware of some of this. I suppose really I should’ve gotten this all done a bit sooner and fitted it in with the Fellowship of the Ring Wrap-up post, but I didn’t so here we are.

All this supplemental stuff is essentially based around filling in additional details to things I’ve already done. For some time I’ve been meaning to go back to the old Line Unbroken videos and add annotations where I made mistakes, and I finally got round to starting that process recently. At the time of this post I’ve annotated all the mistakes I noticed up to the end of the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle plus Massing at Osgiliath. And alongside this I have uploaded all the decks I used for those quests to RingsDB. Moving forward I will be gradually adding annotations and RingsDB copies of the decklists to the other cycles as well. At some point I’ll start putting out the RingsDB decklists at the same time as the posts on here, and hopefully get around to adding annotations relatively soon after the videos go up (if you spot any mistakes I make, please let me know since it makes this easier for me).

The bigger piece of supplemental work is that having decided to pick out favourite/least favourite/etc cards from the Against the Shadow cycle and Hobbit boxes, I figured I’d then put up more detailed card reviews on RingsDB for the cards I picked. All 33 of them. It has taken a while, but I think a lot of people would agree that the card review section of RingsDB is still somewhat underused for how potentially useful it could be. Anyway, I just wanted to highlight those for people who were unaware (I might add a Card Reviews page to the main menu on here with links to all the ones I’ve done). And of course, since I’ve finished all the cards I wanted to review from Against the Shadow before finishing Ring-maker, well, there are two whole cycles which I didn’t pick out such lists of notable cards for. Thus we enter the one piece of new content in this post (though I suppose I can retroactively add it to the wrap-up posts). So here goes:

Core Set/Shadows of Mirkwood

My favourite heroes: Beravor, Frodo Baggins, Brand Son of Bain.
My favourite other player cards: Snowbourn Scout, Sneak Attack, Unexpected Courage, Gleowine, Campfire Tales, Gildor’s Counsel, Shadow of the Past.
My least favourite player cards: Glorfindel, Faramir, Brok Ironfist, A Test of Will, Gandalf’s Search, Beorn’s Hospitality, Beorning Beekeeper, Radagast, Keen-eyed Took, Dain Ironfoot.
Best designs for developing archetypes: Dwarven Tomb for recursion, Escort from Edoras for Rohan, The Eagles Are Coming! and Eagles of the Misty Mountains for Eagles.
Worst designs for developing archetypes: Beorn’s Hospitality for healing, To the Eyrie, Meneldor’s Flight and Radagast for Eagles, We Do Not Sleep for Rohan.
Most difficult to use well: Stand Together, Born Aloft, Infighting, Descendant of Thorondor, Mirkwood Runner, Shadow of the Past.
Most under-rated cards: Eleanor, Beorn, Horn of Gondor (post-errata), Wandering Took, the resource Songs, Second Breakfast, Parting Gifts, Infighting, Brand Son of Bain, Dunedain Cache, Dunedain Signal.
Bonus category – Cards which would never be released now: Faramir, Steward of Gondor, Northern Tracker, Unexpected Courage, A Test of Will, A Burning Brand, Boromir, Dain Ironfoot.


My favourite heroes: Aragorn, Elrond.
My favourite other player cards: Timely Aid, Out of the Wild, Arwen Undomiel, Word of Command, Love of Tales, Path of Need, Hardy Leadership, Master of the Forge, Vilya.
My least favourite player cards: Ever Onward, Ravenhill Scout, Bombur, The End Comes, Short Cut, Glorfindel, Heavy Stroke.
Best designs for developing archetypes: Zigil Miner, Timely Aid, Resourceful.
Worst designs for developing archetypes: Taking Initiative for Secrecy, Watcher of the Bruinen for Noldor.
Most difficult to use well: Dwalin, Taking Initiative, Rider of the Mark, Bombur, Ever My Heart Rises, Heavy Stroke, A Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
Most under-rated cards: Dwalin, Song of Earendil, Grave Cairn, Love of Tales, Asfaloth (on heroes other than Glorfindel), Miruvor.
Bonus category – Cards which would never be released now: Sword that was Broken, Hama, Legacy of Durin, Erebor Battle Master, Warden of Healing, Glorfindel, Asfaloth, We Are Not Idle.

Certainly an interesting selection for me to start reviewing – as you may realise, some of my least favourites in those early days are not for them being bad cards, rather for them being too good and too big a weight on how the metagame has developed. In any case, keep an eye out for those card reviews as they start appearing (if you follow my facebook page, I announce them on there as I do them), and we will now return to our regularly scheduled Warden of Arnor.

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