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Fellowship: Mount Up

It’s a little while now since Temple of the Deceived was released along with the hero version of Elfhelm. As someone who has very much enjoyed almost all of the mount attachments released in the game thus far, I was … Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – Fellowship of the Ring Wrap-Up

For the sagas I’m going to be doing a wrap-up post at the end of each book, so here is one. As I established with the Hobbit wrap-up, I won’t be delving into assessing player cards as specifically, but I … Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – C6: Breaking of the Fellowship

And so still grieving the loss of Gandalf in Moria, I must continue on to the final quest of this saga box, Breaking of the Fellowship. The end of Journey in the Dark is quite possibly the most impactful campaign … Continue reading

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