What news from the North?

Lately I’ve been doing a few Lord of the Rings things off the blog, so I thought I’d quickly give a run-down of them just so people are aware they’re out there:

RingsDB decks: Mostly the decks I post on RingsDB are ones I’ve also written articles about on here, but sometimes I just throw a deck up there without doing a full writeup in a blog post.

RingsDB card reviews: Following my Line Unbroken Against the Shadow cycle Wrap-up post, I decided to start using the card review feature on RingsDB to review all the cards I picked as favourites/least favourites/good designs/bad designs/difficult to use/under-rated. I may well retroactively go back and do those for previous cycles as well, and I certainly intend to do it moving forward. I’ve slowed down from my initial pace of one review per day for a week, but I’m still putting those out at a decent rate.

Youtube: The Warden of Arnor youtube is already linked in the “Other LotR LCG Resources” menu on the right, but I figure it’s still worth pointing out and mentioning that there may be things there on occasion which aren’t linked from blog posts. In particular…

Twitch: From time to time I’ll be streaming myself playing OCTGN games on twitch. If you miss it, don’t worry because I will be exporting them to youtube as well. But if you’re interested in watching live, as well as just following the stream and paying attention, if you’re in the CotR Discord, I will always announce in there when I’m going to stream, and I will also announce it on…

Facebook: Yeah, I decided on a whim to create a Warden of Arnor Facebook page. I don’t know if this’ll help pull in more of an audience or just be useful for the audience I already have, but assuming I remember I’ll be announcing everything on here as well as occasionally putting up more random statuses – while I don’t want to post here on the blog every time I write a card review or when I’m about to stream, because this is more for long form content, I can easily just throw up a facebook post to point people at it.

That’s all at present, and I will be adding all these links to the ‘About’ page on here, so you needn’t worry about bookmarking this to keep all the links or anything like that, but I’m guessing people already reading my stuff consistently won’t be regularly checking to see if that page has changed so I figured I’d post this as a heads up.

Finally I’ll just add that if you have any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts on my stuff, or just if you’d like to play a game of LotR some time, feel free to contact me through any of these things that allow that, or elsewhere – I’m PocketWraith on the FFG forums, the CotR Discord, and on OCTGN (though I’m generally not logged into OCTGN unless I’m playing). I’m also thinking of adding a page to the blog for people to contact me if they want. So get in touch if you want through whatever means you feel like, and otherwise enjoy the content!

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