Announcing the Warden of Arnor Deckbox

In the wake of the announcement that the Rivendell Councilroom is being abandoned, I took a closer look at the recommended replacements, Love of Tales and RingsDB, and I found in RingsDB the answer to a slight niggle I’ve always had with posting decklists.
The problem is that I know inevitably a deck I find interesting enough to post on this blog is probably one I’m going to subsequently update as new cards get released or I realise I can make other tweaks to just make it that bit more efficient, but the blog post is out there. A few tweaks aren’t worth reposting the deck, but I’d like people coming in months down the line to be able to see that the deck has evolved since the original post.
The solution is the way RingsDB allows you to republish an updated deck as a new version. So someone looking at the deck will see they can go from version 1.0 to 2.0 and so on.

So with this in mind, I’m putting all the decks I’ve posted on here as just general decks (so all the ones linked on the Decks page) onto RingsDB per the lists from when I posted them and adding RingsDB links to the original posts. I’ll then be putting in updates to the current versions of those decks so anyone who looks at those deck posts in future can see how the deck has or has not been updated. And I’ll be adding a link to all my RingsDB decklists to the Decks page which can, as the title suggests, be used as a bit of a deckbox. I don’t expect to rival the popularity of the CotR deckbox, or of Seastan’s decks, or assorted others, but nevetheless it’ll be there as a resource people can use if they wish, and I thought I should give you guys a heads up.
(PS: If you haven’t, try out one or both of the deckbuilders I’ve linked at the top of this post)

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