Year End Roundup

Happy new year everyone. If I had a planned schedule, I’d be running a little bit behind it, but I planned to write this post as a new year thing. I have a folder of LotR LCG stuff on my computer, mostly screenshots, OCTGN text logs, and the documents I write my articles in; a lot of it is stuff not significant enough to warrant a post on its own, so I thought I’d wrap up the year by just going over all those random bits and pieces. May well make an annual thing of it. Not all of them are from 2015, but most of them are, with only a few from the last few months of 2014. So here we go, the things in my LotR folder:

Sub-folders: two of text logs saved from my two player and solo campaigns. One for The Line Unbroken containing all the images from the starts of the videos, the document for the write-ups; and notes on release sequence, my hero usage and what cards I haven’t used yet. And one for custom cards; as yet the only custom cards I’ve ever made were for the Tales from the Cards Ring-maker contest (Though I might consider doing some more at some point). Specifically entry #10, these cards:
Dwarven-Ring-of-Power-Front-Face Narya-Front-Face

Ring-of-Durin-Front-Face Ring-of-the-Nazgûl-Front-Face

If you find them in the TftC post I linked you’ll also see my thoughts on the design, which I don’t really think I need to elaborate on, except to note that as we now know, we are getting a Cirdan the Shipwright hero, and the idea of a quest with a large number of objectives kind of happened with Ruins of Belegost.

Documents: Anti-Coaster Challenge, Breaking the Game, Challenges, Deck Spring Cleaning, Deckbuilding Process (Notes for an article I was thinking of writing but might not actually), Decks, Design Debates, Miscellaneous Articles, Rule-breaking (Contains the article about the three Aragorn deck, and I have had other ideas for writing about breaking the rules in interesting ways which I may get to at some point). And unrelated to this blog, LotR Decks, containing three decklists from when I was still very new to the game, before I started using OCTGN so they’re with a rather limited card pool, and they basically represent the first couple of times that I built decks which seemed to work reasonably well to the point where I wanted to keep a record of them. The first was a bit of a Gloin jank deck, and then the other two were a pair of decks I built to play against Siege of Cair Andros, one tri-sphere and one mono-Tactics. I keep this document around as a curiosity and out of a certain amount of nostalgia.

Notepad files:
Article checklist – Things I’m planning to write.
Dwarfs Batting Average – When I first started using OCTGN and thus got access to almost the entire card pool up to that point, I’d heard that Dwarf decks were really powerful, so I decided to build one. It’s not very well built, but still does pretty well because of the power of the Dwarf trait, so I use it to try out quests for the first time by playing them blind with it. This is a record of how many attempts it took me to beat each quests (an impressive number of them read 1).
faqerrata – I was intending (and I may still get to it at some point) to write a post about the FAQ and errata, specifically cases that I particularly like or dislike how they were done, so I started making notes.
Hero trait analysis – Counting up instances of traits on heroes to see which are the most common. Thinking of writing up a post about this at some point.
LotR house-errata – This is another old thing from back when I was pretty new to the game. I started making a list of things I might house-rule (or house-errata) for my own play where I didn’t think the official ruling was quite right.
Text logs from challenges. I should consider giving these their own subfolder.
Other text logs – Several of these I also have screenshots for so I’ll talk about those there, but there are a few I didn’t screenshot. Cleave + ABT Carn Dum, my first victory against Battle of Carn Dum (My Cleave deck I’m planning to post on here at some point, ABT is short for Aragorn (Lo)/Balin/Theodred, it’s a somewhat outdated but still effective questing deck). Dwarfs Dread Realm, my previously mentioned Dwarf deck beating Dread Realm on the first attempt in somewhat interesting fashion – I thought I was screwed early on but managed to stall out until I could get built up. And FreeDrop NM FoS, Nightmare Foundations of Stone with a deck I built early in the Angmar Awakened cycle to make use of some of the new Dunedain and other stuff at the time, along with old stalwart Elrond/Vilya.

3H Bo5A – Playing through all the quests three player we hit a bit of a block with Battle of 5 Armies, to the point where my brother was questioning if we could do it at all, so I played the quest three handed to prove it could be done. The decks are one really focused around having lots of defensive options, though it also gets good attack and even decent willpower after a while, LoreSiege (mentioned here), and RohanProgress (also mentioned there).
3H Bo5A

Caldariel Lake Town – One of the more impressive victories I’ve pulled off with my Caldara deck, as mentioned in that post. Fun fact, I actually got to stage 3 of the quest on about round 8, but then Smaug dumped a ton of damage on Lake-Town so I had to go back, ditch Gandalf before he screwed up my threat too much, and I lost some other combat allies so getting the attack power together again took a while.
Caldariel Lake Town

Caldariel NM EaAD – Again, I mentioned this one in the Caldara deck post.
Caldariel NM EaAD

Caldariel NM RtM – This one of course I did post on here back when I did it.
Caldariel beat NM RtM

DWARFS – Trying out that Dwarf deck against Hunt for Gollum for the first time. Didn’t realise I needed a clue for stage 3, reverted to stage 2 and had more time to build up before still finishing on my starting threat. Of course this was before I was very familiar with OCTGN, I hadn’t actually spotted the willpower counter, and I was still tweaking the deck a bit so that’s not quite the version I use now. I just found it amusing how hard they smashed the quest.

Nightmare1-T7L – The first time I ever beat a Nightmare quest, Nightmare Seventh Level, with the above mentioned Cleave and Aragorn/Balin/Theodred decks.

Outlands lol – Similar principle to the Dwarf one. Outlands gets kinda ridiculous.
Outlands lol

And finally, the last two, odd results brought up by spellcheck while I’ve been writing.
Spellcheck really – did you know Dunedain Marks were the older method of Huntingdonshire?
Spellcheck really

Spellcheck what – Tactics Theoden, the antidisestablishmentarianism hero!
Spellcheck what

Once again, happy new year, I hope you’ve derived some amusement from some of the stuff in this post, and I’ll be getting back to more normal content soon.

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