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Ladies of Middle Earth are Triumphant! And Dead.

Relations are currently strained between Lothlorien and Mirkwood as a mission escorting a captive to the latter elven realm (at the behest of the wizard Mithrandir) led to the death of the Lady Galadriel by Gollum-bite. And this after the … Continue reading

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Design Debates – Threat Costs part 2

This post is intended to follow on from the previous one I made on this subject. If you haven’t read part 1, you should read it before this one because it contains the preamble and discussion of threat costs in … Continue reading

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“Why did I lose?”

Or indeed, “Why did we lose?” I suspect those two questions may be among the most frequently asked questions in the playing of this game. And it can be a difficult one to properly answer. Oh sure, you can pick … Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle Wrap-up

The Line Unbroken has finished everything to the end of the first cycle. A nice milestone, and so this is the time to take a bit of a look back at what I’ve done so far, and indeed what I’ve … Continue reading

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The Line Unbroken – G1: Massing at Osgiliath

The point of the Line Unbroken, and the Progression Series before it, is/was partly to explore how the card pool has evolved over time; partly to show off a bunch of different player cards and all the scenarios; and partly … Continue reading

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